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Parsley Health

Parsley Health is a membership-based functional medicine practice on a mission to fix the gaps in our broken healthcare system. They provide holistic care via doctors and health coaches. I came on board as the first content hire with a mission of creating a content platform and developing an SEO strategy to drive credibility, brand awareness, and customer acquisition.


I oversaw the execution of the blog, from developing content pillars and directing the voice and tone to SEO strategy and conceptualizing, assigning, and editing articles. 

I produced rich PDF guides and video masterclasses, along with landing pages and email drips for each, to drive lead generation via the blog and social media. We used these to build trust with potential customers and help segment audiences for remarketing.

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I developed the content strategy for the highest-converting emails to date, including a refreshed welcome series.


I developed the content strategy and wrote copy for a series of new condition-focused landing pages and sections of our website.

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